Your website is your face in the digital world. In today's world, it is essential for a company or brand to have a website that can be opened smoothly on any device and prepared with understandable content in order to be successful. Your website is the golden key to introducing yourself, being understood, reaching your potential customers, promoting your products or services, and increasing your brand awareness.

We offer professional services for the production of your website, including the sections you need. We deliver websites on open source code infrastructure, where you have all kinds of access control, in an average of 7 days.

These websites, which generally use the Wordpress infrastructure, are user-friendly and SEO compliant.

It is recommended that this work be done in harmony with the content editing.

Content editing

Content editing is the production of content that should be included on your website and social media accounts, and the revision or optimization of existing content to make it easier for search engines to find your website's content.

In this context, your content is made suitable for your target audience, the accuracy and style of the content is made consistent, and visuals compatible with the content are developed.

It is recommended that this work be done in harmony with the production of the website.

Continuous content flow

Continuous content flow refers to the task of presenting new and engaging content on the relevant section of your website, in line with the expectations of your target audience. This helps your website and blog attract more traffic and your social media accounts get more interaction.

Since organic traffic is targeted, it is recommended that the addresses of the blog and social media tools be included in the relevant places of the corporate identity and that the work be done together with digital advertising consultancy.

Social media communication consulting

It is a service that helps companies reach their target audience through social media platforms. Social media consultants help businesses develop their social media strategies, create content, and run campaigns. However, using social media effectively requires expertise and experience. At this point, expertise that knows the infrastructure of social media systems well and can present content suitable for each medium comes into play.

It is recommended that social media communication be carried out in coordination with the continuous flow of content, and processes such as buying followers or likes are not included in the service.

Bulk email delivery and email marketing

Bulk email is an effective and fast communication marketing method for companies to reach their target audiences for various purposes and increase brand awareness. By distributing bulk emails, you can directly reach your employees, community or target audience, whoever they are, convey your messages and introduce your products or services to them.