Branding is the umbrella term for activities aimed at promoting, selling, and increasing the value of a product or service in the market. It is essential for ensuring that a brand is recognized, preferred, and purchased by consumers.

This is a crucial tool for companies to gain a competitive advantage. Through branding, companies can differentiate their products or services from their competitors, gain consumer trust, and increase market share.

Brand creation

Branding is a process that consists of several stages. These stages include developing a brand strategy, creating a brand identity, brand communication, and brand management.

Brand design

Brand design is the process of creating a brand's visual identity. Brand design includes a brand's logo, colors, typography, slogan, and other visual elements. Brand design determines how the brand will be perceived by the target audience.

Brand placement

Brand placement is the activities carried out to ensure that a brand has a permanent place in the minds of the target audience. These activities, by repeatedly presenting the brand's logo, colors, slogan, and other visual elements to the target audience, ensure that the brand is recognized and remembered.

Corporate identity guidelines

A corporate identity guideline is a guide that includes all the elements of a company's visual identity. These elements include the logo, color palette, font, slogan, corporate communication rules, and corporate behavior rules. The corporate identity guideline is used to ensure consistency in all of the company's communication and marketing activities.