Audio books

  1. Deniz ürünleri ile ağır metaller arasındaki ilişkiler [Link]
  2. Relationships between seafood and heavy metals [Link]

Awareness raising content

  1. Relationships between Seafood and heavy metals: Turkish version [Link], English version [Link]
  2. Seafood consumption while pregnant: Turkish version [Link] and improved English edition [Link]


Season 2 (Based on Spotify Podcasts - Understanding Aquaculture)

  1. Why should creating marine protected areas and protecting coasts be our focus? [Link]
  2. The requirements for food traceability are getting thougher, but how will this affect the seafood industry? [Link]
  3. The career path of the aquaculture professional - E1 [Link]
  4. Will we be able to continue fish farming with traditional methods under changing climatic conditions? [Link]
  5. The future of aquaculture: Shellfish Farming [Link]
  6. Benefits of using artifical intelligence at aquaculture and how AI will change rhe future of aquaculture? [Link]
  7. Increasing productuvity, health and sustainability in aquaculture is possible with functional feed additives [Link]
  8. How will submersible cages transform and change the future of aquaculture and food from sea? [Link]

Season 1

  1. Could mussel farming be the most ethical aquaculture? [Link]
  2. Coral farming: Bringing life to the sea [Link]
  3. Could octopus farming cause far-reaching problems? [Link]
  4. Marine pollution and its effects on marine life [Link]
  5. How to select the fresh fish? [Link]
  6. Contributing to sustainable fishing [Link]
  7. 7 technological players that will change the future of the seafood industry [Link]
  8. SUSHI 101: History of sushi, the most known sushi varieties according to wrapping techniques [Link]
  9. SUSHI 101: The most famous sushi wraps and ingredients of sushi [Link]
  10. How do cryptobenthic fish feed on coral reefs? [Link]
  11. What is fish smoking, how is it done, how should the right fish smoking be done? [Link]
  12. Why shouldn't you leave the aquarium creatures that you are bored with looking at home to nature? [Link]

Experimental works

  1. bluefuture.aquaculture: a qualified database related with aquaculture in public domain [Link]


  1. What are the demands for fish and seafood in the European market? - Information guidebook - Turkish translation [Link]
  2. Code of Practice for Fish and Fisheries Products - Turkish version [Link]
  3. International Artisan Fisheries and Aquaculture Year 2022 Global Action Plan - Turkish version [Link]
  4. Oceana Deceptive Dishes: Seafood Swaps Found Worldwide - Turkish version [Link] (Editor & Publisher)
  5. Developing octopus breeding Final Report - Turkish version [Link
  6. NOAA Fisheries 2016 - 2020 action plan [Link]

Digital magazine

  1. New horizons in Aquaculture: Algae (001) [Link]
  2. New horizons in Aquaculture: Plastic Waste (002) [Link]


New horizons in Aquaculture: Vision feat.Cem Kadeş

  1. Preparing for the future in the aquaculture industry (Pilot)
    Guest: Cem Kadeş - Aquapena Aquaculture & Engineering [Link]
  2. Professional rights of fisheries workers  in Turkey.
    Guest: Prof. Dr. Meriç Albay - Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences [Link]
  3. What should we now about fish diseases?
    Guest: Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Kubilay - Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Egirdir Faculty of Fisheries [Link]
  4. Fisheries faculties from an academic point of view
    Guest: Prof. Dr. İbrahim Diler - Isparta University of Applied Sciences - Rector [Link]
  5. Microplastic waste
    Guest: Doç. Dr. Sedat Gündoğdu - Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries [Link]
  6. What we need to talk about the Mediterranean: Puffer fish
    Guest: Ali Rıza Köşker - Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries [Link]