Su ürünlerinde yeni ufuklar feat. Cem Kadeş [TR]

  1. Preparing for the future in the aquaculture industry (Pilot)
    Guest: Cem Kadeş - Aquapena Aquaculture & Engineering [Link]
  2. Professional rights of fisheries workers  in Turkey.
    Guest: Prof. Dr. Meriç Albay - Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences [Link]
  3. What should we now about fish diseases?
    Guest: Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Kubilay - Isparta University of Applied Sciences, Egirdir Faculty of Fisheries [Link]
  4. Fisheries faculties from an academic point of view
    Guest: Prof. Dr. İbrahim Diler - Isparta University of Applied Sciences - Rector [Link]
  5. Microplastic waste
    Guest: Doç. Dr. Sedat Gündoğdu - Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries [Link]
  6. What we need to talk about the Mediterranean: Puffer fish
    Guest: Ali Rıza Köşker - Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries [Link]