From the moment it comes out of the sea until it comes to our table, the way of seafood is very long. It is a very important responsibility of seafood processors to ensure that healthy and nutritious seafood, especially produced for the end consumer, arrives safely on our plate.

Unlike what we commonly know, we process seafood in many different ways today; Although boiling is a very familiar and familiar consumption method, besides cooking on an open fire or in the oven, it is very popular to pickle, pickle, chop and prepare the seafood to be used as a semi-finished product and put it on the market for human consumption with many other processing methods. 

With the increasing demand for processed seafood in Europe and America, the importance of food safety in seafood processing is also increasing. These crops, which come directly from the sea and are processed under weather conditions that are less dense than the marine environment and which is an ecosystem different from the sea, require meticulous process management at every stage from the moment they leave the sea to the table, as they can lose their properties more easily.

This book, CODE OF PRACTICE FOR FISH AND FISHERY PRODUCTS, published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization - UNFAO and translated into Turkish as BALIK VE BALIKCILIK URUNLERI ICIN ISLEME KURALLARI. attention is drawn to the topics that may put the food safety of these crops at risk.

In the book of BALIK VE BALIKCILIK URUNLERI ICIN ISLEME KURALLARI; There is useful information on how to handle fresh, frozen, coated, dried salted, smoked or ground fish, frozen surimi, lobster, crab and cephalopods, taking into account food safety rules. There is also a special title on Scrombrotoxin, which is one of the most common negative situations in seafood.

You can visit the link at to download the BALIK VE BALIKCILIK URUNLERI ICIN ISLEME KURALLARI book, which is among the most important publications of UNFAO and translated into Turkish by Aquaculture Engineer Kaan Uğrasız.

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