Many women in our country are concerned about their consumption of seafood – especially fish – while pregnant. The fact that seafood is more delicate than other terrestrial sources of protein and its expiration date is shorter from the time it hits the market as a product causes even people living under normal conditions to think twice before consuming seafood. It is one of the groups most affected by this perception, which has become entrenched as a whole.

The Pregnancy Seafood Guide: What to Eat for a Healthy Pregnancy Diet, prepared and published by the National Fisheries Institute, aims to provide pregnant women with basic guiding information on safe seafood consumption throughout their pregnancy.

This new content, titled Guide to Seafood Consumption While Pregnant in Turkish, provides quality content for pregnant women, those who are considering becoming pregnant, those who want to support their partners during pregnancy, and anyone who wants to learn about healthy eating during pregnancy:

  1. Why is seafood healthy for babies?
  2. The most consumed seafood in the USA *
  3. The most consumed seafood in Europe
  4. Fish to avoid during pregnancy
  5. Why should you avoid these fish while pregnant? **
  6. What seafood can you consume while pregnant?
  7. Sushi consumption while pregnant
  8. Eating out while pregnant
  9. shopping for groceries while pregnant
  10. Some examples of light food and snacks prepared with seafood

* Although the seafood consumed in different continents is similar, data in the United States are also included.
** This section has been added to explain the effects of mercury and mercury on unborn children, explaining the reasons why it is not recommended to consume the fish mentioned in the previous section “Fish to avoid during pregnancy”.

In fact, the topics included in this guide, which has been appropriately translated into Turkish, have been carefully chosen to remove the question marks in the minds of women and other people around them who are hesitant about consuming seafood at a very special time in their lives.

Contrary to the widespread false information about the harmfulness of seafood consumption while pregnant, it is among the main objectives of this guide to ensure safe use of seafood during pregnancy, along with tips and guidance to be considered while consuming seafood.

Thanks to this guide, translated into Turkish by Aquaculture Engineer Kaan UĞRASIZ and published on, which offers quality content to positively improve the consumption of fishery products in Turkey, you can hear about the consumption of seafood during pregnancy. It is aimed to create a useful resource in Turkish without having to rely on sources that mislead with full information.

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